Demolition / Abatement Site Supervisor


  • The Demolition / Abatement Supervisor will report to the VP of Operations. The Demolition / Abatement Supervisor will be responsible for various activities in support of the abatement, deconstruction, maintenance and operations of Demolition Plus. The Demolition / Abatement Supervisor performs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in demolition and deconstruction of buildings, removing asbestos, mold and lead paint from ceilings, walls, beams, boilers, floors, piping and other structures following hazardous waste handling guidelines. Once the abatement is complete, the supervisor will supervise the demolition process, pending experience.


  • Reviews job specifications, inspects work site, and confers with demo / abatement workers to evaluate removal of building materials and hazardous materials.
  • Instructs workers in equipment operation, proper safety and removal procedures.
  • Assigns and supervises workers in specific tasks, such as setup of equipment and removal and clean-up of asbestos, lead based paint and mold.
  • Monitors and inspects quality of work during demolition / deconstruction operations.
  • Examines workers’ equipment, such as respirator systems, air evacuation and filtration systems, and air quality testing devices, to ensure that they meet MOL guidelines.
  • Maintains project records and orders supplies.
  • Responsible for following site-specific health and safety protocols, such as spill contingency plans, air monitoring and methods for loading and transporting materials and hazardous waste.
  • Maintain, write, and revise quality-assurance documentation and procedures.
  • Prepare Daily site inspections, general site safety along with the site safety rep, daily fall arrest, rescue plan, Hoisting and rigging and fire safety prevention program.
  • Assist workers in daily activities.
  • Corrects any unsafe work condition or practice.
  • Performs other related and non-related duties as assigned.


High school Graduate or College graduate in the Construction Management, Engineering or other related fields. Operating experience preferred ,Valid “G” Driver’s License; Asbestos Supervisor Certificate. Asbestos Worker Certified Training and Air Monitoring Training. All the required First aid, whmis, working at heights, confined space and yow.