Demolition is more than destruction. It’s about clearing the way for a brighter, more profitable future.

Demolition Plus provides a complete range of demolition services for the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

We offer hands on approach to understanding each client’s individual project’s goals and specific project risks. Our skilled management team will work directly in conjunction with the client and or consulting engineer to properly outline the specific project tasks and possible risks to develop a cost effective approach to complete the task at hand with proper control measures for the outlined risks which will meet and or exceed Ontario regulations.

Our project management process will entail all of the following items:
  • Comprehensive site visit to evaluate the building / site conditions
  • Complete assessment of remaining assets and valuable equipment for re-sale
  • Complete review of existing hazardous substances and environmental concerns
  • Development of an engineered demolition procedure
  • Waste audit, waste reduction work plan, and waste recycling plan to produce value added material from demolition debris
  • Hazardous substance abatement procedures, control measures, monitoring parameters, and final clearance reports (by 3rd party engineers)
  • Detailed project schedule and resources chart with specific benchmarks and trigger figures to use as a bi- weekly coordination tool
  • Development of a site specific health and safety program outlining all potential risks and providing specific control measures and procedures for risk mitigation and assurance of worker safety throughout the project
  • Bi- weekly site coordination meetings (or more frequent if required) to review work progress and ensure specific benchmarks are met as well as proper use and respect of safety measures
  • Final project close out documents such as final waste diversion and recycling reports, 3rd party clearance reports, as built drawings

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