Experienced Demolition Operator

Heavy Equipment demolition Operator

Heavy equipment operators are responsible for operating many different types of heavy equipment, including front end loaders, excavators with attachments, bulldozers, backhoes, and more, to assist in the demolition of different structures, move and grade, and excavate earth. They may also repair and maintain heavy equipment. Other duties might be necessary as well.


General work activities and specific tasks include:

  • Operates heavy equipment: includes running, maneuvering, navigating, and driving
  • Inspects heavy equipment: includes structures and materials; identifies causes of errors and other problems or defects, daily equipment checklists, daily hoisting inspections(if applicable)
  • Monitors information: includes materials, events, or environment; detects or assesses problems associated with heavy equipment
  • Reviews information related to heavy equipment
  • Identifies information: includes categorizing, estimating, and recognizing differences or similarities in heavy equipment; detects changes in circumstances or events