Since 1957, DemoPLUS has cultivated an extremely talented team, with experience to spare.

We take immense pride in the company we’ve built. With over 50 years of hardwork behind us, we look forward to a bright and productive future.

Demolition Plus is a family owned and operated company with over 25 years of age which has evolved into a well-rounded turnkey service provider. Through its many years of experience in various disciplines from industrial mechanical services and environmental cleaning, to excavation and site servicing, and most importantly complete hazardous material abatement, asset marketing and re sale, demolition, and soil remediation; our complete umbrella of expertise enables us to provide our clients with competitive pricing and shorter project schedules inherently derived from the streamlined management and coordination of the related disciplines we offer within our turnkey solutions.

Our turnkey service offers provides our clients with the ease of completing the initial phases of their development projects with one sole service provider effectively avoiding the various complications inherently implied when coordinating multiple sub trades within the same time frame to complete the same scope of work.

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